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Can All_LOCAL_DRIVES be used for UNIX?

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15 years ago

A recent discussion showed that some NetBackup users think that "ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES" can only be used for windows clients.
It can be use for unix as well.

All local drives will work on UNIX just like it does on windows.

On windows clients it seems obvious that all local drives will be drives like C: and E: and F:
But for people who do not know UNIX very well this seems to have no relation.

My example is going to be for an AIX server.


Filesystem    512-blocks     Free      %Used     Iused     %Iused     Mounted on

/dev/hd4      2097152     1489784      29%      4585        1%         /

/dev/hd2      16777216    7628416      55%      57814       3%        /usr

/dev/hd9var   4194304     3323552      21%      2156        1%       /var

/dev/hd3      2097152 1   853032       12%      772         1%      /tmp

/proc         -            -           -         -          -       /proc

/dev/optlv    12582912    7453640      41%      18836       3%     /opt

/dev/homelv   20447232    10230752     50%      11660       2%      /home

Looking at the above- on unix a filesystem is just like a separate drive - it can have its own Logical volume that is on a physical volume
So the above example shows 7 filesystems.

If I just say ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES and do NOT allow multiple data streams jobs
it will backup everything as 1 job - except for the items in the exclude list like the contents of /tmp and /proc .....

If I say ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES AND allow multiple data streams
I get 1 job per file system

so I would get one for
(but I would want to exclude /proc and most likely the contents of /tmp)

When doing this DO NOT check cross mount points or / will backup everything including the contents of all the other filesystems as they are 'mounted' within the root filesystem.  And you would also then get separate jobs for /usr and /var..... meaning you would be backing it up twice.

So yes you can use all local drives for windows and UNIX
Just make sure you exclude the contests of the directories you don't or cannot get (like /proc)

Published 15 years ago
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