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Veritas booth captures the excitement of VMworld 2018

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6 years ago

#TeamVtas at VMworld 2018

I really can't count how many VMworld's that I've been to over the years. They never cease to amaze me. VMworld 2018 was no exception, it's truly an iconic industry event. My first impression of this year's event was walking elbow-to-elbow in a sea of tens of thousands of other attendees and sponsors. We were walking at a snail's pace, but you could tell that we were all eager to reach our destination -- whether that was the keynote session for the day or if you were like me, reporting to booth duty at the Solutions Exchange.

When I reached the Solutions Exchange on the first day of the event, I looked around in awe. It was the who's who in Silicon Valley and beyond. As a platinum sponsor this year, Veritas enjoyed an impressive event. We created a fun movie theater theme with fresh popcorn, candy bars galore, soft drinks and more. Simultaneously, our experts, technology alliance partners (including Nutanix, AWS, and PureStorage) and our special VIP customer from Virtech LLC all drew large crowds as they talked about the serious subject of data protection.

Killian Evers, VP of User Experience at Veritas, showed the new NetBackup 8.1.2 User Experience designed as a simple, smart, and modern Web UI with instant access and role-based settings. The first workload we are delivering in this design is VMware.

Killian Evers, VP Customer Experience, Veritas

Virgil Dobos from Veritech UAE presented on how he and Veritas are partnering to "Keep Data Management Simple" with modernized VMware protection.

Virgil Dobos, Virtech LLC

Chris Paap from Nutanix talked about Maximizing Data Center Availability with Nutanix and how they are collaborating with Veritas to create and protect integrated solutions to bring the cloud to the enterprise data center.

Chris Papp, NutanixTres Vance from AWS discussed on Enterprise Protection with Veritas on AWS. He talked about use cases including backup in the cloud, backup to the cloud, long term retention, DR, visibility, and app and data migration to the cloud.

AWS, on the #VoiceOfVtas Podcast in the Veritas boothTres Vance, AWS













Tom Kozlowski described how PureStorage is working with Veritas to create Modern Data Protection with integrated snapshot management with FlashArray and integrated rapid restore for FlashBlade.Tom Kozlowski, PureStorage

The booth was well attended with hundreds of attendees curious to learn about the new NetBackup 8.1.2 simplified User Experience, expanded capacity for NetBackup Virtual Appliances, Resiliency for the Modern Architecture with VRP, and NetBackup Data Protection for VMware cloud on AWS.

Watch this interview on theCube with Jyothi Swaroop, VP of Products and Solutions Marketing at Veritas, as he discusses how Veritas is mapping to VMware strategies to help customers protect data where it's at -- on-premises, in the cloud, to the cloud, virtually any environment.

Jyothi Swaroop, VP of Product & Solutions Marketing, Veritas Visit our VOX community and click on podcasts with conversations from the recipients above.

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