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Integration of Symantec ApplicationHA with Symantec Backup Exec Helps Win Silver Award!

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13 years ago

While virtualization brings many benefits, effective backup and recovery of applications in VMware environments has been a major challenge for IT organizations that are rapidly virtualizing their infrastructures. recognized Symantec's efforts to address this issue and awarded the Silver award for Backup Exec in the 2011 Backup and Storage category. 

 ApplicationHA and Backup Exec together provide automated recovery of virtualized applications from backup when the VMware Guest has been corrupted and cannot be restarted. ApplicationHA provides a three-tier recovery model  - Restart.  Reboot. Restore. - to recover from application failures in virtual envrionments. The proactive measures taken by ApplicationHA and Backup Exec together help organizations meet their stringent RTO requirements.

Published 13 years ago
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