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Cloud seeding to Amazon Web Services using Veritas NetBackup 8.2 and Amazon Snowball

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6 years ago

More and more organizations are opting to use the public cloud to back up data for long term retention. This has many advantages over backing up to tape—most importantly, the option to leverage machine learning and AI on stored data to draw out insights that can help the business competitively.

The most difficult part in moving from tape to cloud is the initial set—getting large data sets up into the cloud. Doing this over the internet can take forever and eat up bandwidth costs. Amazon Web Services came out with Amazon Snowball to help organizations get this done, and now Veritas NetBackup 8.2 integrates with Amazon Snowball, to help organizations backup to the cloud.  

With NetBackup 8.2, all you need to do is deploy Snowball in your network environment, configure NetBackup so it recognizes Snowball as a valid backup target, and reconfigure your backup so you are sending your first backup to Snowball. Snowball is then loaded onto a truck and sent to an AWS data center where your data is uploaded into S3. NetBackup can then be pointed to Amazon S3 to send incremental backups in a deduped format.

When you need to recover your data, NetBackup 8.2 gives you 2 options—you can either recover data back to your on-premises data center, or you instantiate a NetBackup server in AWS and restore the data into an Amazon EC2 instance.

Learn more about how your organization can benefit from NetBackup’s cloud seeding capability by watching the video.

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