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Veritas delivers Global Visibility to combat today’s extreme data growth and complexity

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8 years ago

Organizations are struggling with two competing forces: demand for uncompromising information protection and access and the exponential increase in data growth and sprawl. As organizations fight these challenging trends the stakes are growing higher than ever.  The expectation of today’s IT organization is triple 9’s in performance and resiliency and at the same time absolute prevention of information crisis or theft.  But how do you avoid a crisis when you don’t understand the nature of the data you’re protecting?

When organizations cannot effectively identify their critical data among the junk, time, money and protection effort is wasted on an environment where 41%[1] of the data is of questionable value.  With constrained budget and resources, data managers are challenged to no longer continually store and protect information blindly. This challenge is only compounded by a world that is experiencing a digital transformation at an incredible velocity.





Today’s average enterprise environment is growing rapidly, fragmented, and overwhelmingly complex. Organizations face daily questions on whether information is protected appropriately, whether data can and should be deleted, whether they are missing out on opportunities to move less valuable data to cheaper options and highly active data to highly available locations. Without knowledge of the true composition of the data they’re storing, IT departments will never be justified or empowered to answer these questions and take action. Organizations risk being forever paralyzed in the face of today’s crippling data growth dynamic.

Veritas solves the challenges of modern data protection with a solution-level approach that siloed and disparate products cannot achieve. Combining simple technical integration with simple steps to extend protection from basic recovery through advanced cost and risk management predictions, Veritas delivers the world’s leading backup and recovery solution with its fast and dynamic data visualization tool. 





To solve these challenges, Veritas delivers integrated visibility. The direct integration between Veritas NetBackup and Information Map enables organizations  to not only protect their information, but identify opportunities throughout their environment to optimize information storage and reduce information risk in as little as 24 hours. 




NetBackup has long been the trusted choice for enterprises seeking to reduce complexity and make data protection as manageable as possible for their limited staff. NetBackup is a single solution for the entire enterprise, available on a converged platform, and instrumented to require minimal administration in even the largest, most dynamic environments.


Information Map empowers IT departments and storage managers to make decisions which help reduce information risk and optimize information storage. By rendering storage data in visual context, Information Map guides users towards the areas throughout their environment which are stale, mismanaged, overprotected and exposed, or simply of further investigative interest. 


Together these solutions maximize the investment and effort in protecting your data by surfacing it to business users in an insightful and consumable fashion so they can make better informed decisions.  Check out Darren Locke, the lead product manager for the Information Map as he explains how Veritas makes Global Data Visibility possible. 


[1] Data Genomics Project, Data Genomics Index, February 2016.

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