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11 months ago

Network configuration is Netbackup Flex Appliance

Hi Guys,

We are about to deploy a NetBackup Flex Appliance and we have some questions related to networking.

Considering we have 4 10/25 Gbps ports and 4x1 Gbps (CU).

We are going to deploy 3 instances (1 Primary server, 1 normal msdp and 1 worm msdp) so my question is: Is there a way to configure a bond0 for normal msdp, bond1 to worm msdp and for Primary Server use 1Gbps ports?


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  • Yes, we have 2 - 5250s with single NIC for primary and bond0 for a media server.  Don't have a 2nd bond, but don't see why it wouldn't work.  You'd just need separate IPs for them.

  • with our small (only one dual port 10Gb fibre LAN card) 5250 we went with:

    host0/eth0 used purely for Flex Console

    nic3+nic4 bonded using 802.3ad to form bond0

    add a "backups VLAN" details of "VLAN ID + subnet/CIDR + gateway" to bond0

    when creating Primary Server instance, pair with the "bond0.VLAN" and select an IP in the "backups VLAN"

    when creating Media Server instance, pair with the "bond0.VLAN" and select an IP in the "backups VLAN"

    so now Primary and Media live in the same "backups VLAN" network

    any backup clients in the same VLAN can route to both Primary and Media

    and if you need to for backup clients in other VLANs, then you can always add more "VLAN ID + subnet/CIDR + gateway" to bond0, and then "pair" the "bond0.VLANID" with an additional new IP address for the Media Server instance - to create a presence for the media server in other networks for clients to send their backups to - i..e. backup clients in those other VLANs would need to have hosts file entries for the media server IP in that client VLAN