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3 years ago

Trouble to understanding warning status of disk drive

Hi folks.

I have trouble to understand a warning status of a disk drive in our 5240 appliance.In the web interface the disk [44:11] is marked "yellow" (please see screenshot #1). Is the reason therefore because the disc was former global hotspare in shelf #3 and took over the job of failed disk [57:8] in shelf #4 (please see screenshot #2)?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards.


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  • run Monitor>Hardware ShowHealth

    and see what does the disk status show in CLISH

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      Hi Azhar4.

      Thanks for your response.

      The status of disk  [44:11]  (which ist marked "yellow" in web interface) is in CLISH: "WARNING".
      Please notice the attached screenshot "NetBackup_Appliance_03.png"

      Best regards.