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2 years ago

Zonning NB appliance 5250 with MSL3040

We have NB 5250 with 2 FC ports (both in initiator mode) connects to MSL 3040 via a switch. Tape library has 3 drives (2 x LTO9 and a LTO7). Single switch only. So our zonning DB has only two entries

port 1 from NB5250 and 3 drives

port 2 from NB5250 and 3 drives

We are seeing 25 devices for each port of NB5250. Is this right? Other hand, on NB 5240 one port as initiator and one port as target we see right devices.

Thanks in advance


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  • Only need to create zone with 3 drives and one port from 5250 or you can zone LTO9 drives in one port and  lto7 drive with second port