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12 years ago

Can you purchase a license online for a company located outside the US?


Is it legal to purchase a Symantec product license from your US official website for a company located in another country than USA? It seems that when you shop on your website, you've a limited list of countries available to choose for the billing information.

In my case, I want to purchase a license for a company located in China. Is it mandotory then, to purchase the license from one of your official partner in China?

On your website, the license for Backup Exec 2012 with 1 year support costs $1,162.66 before VAT. I asked for a quote to one of your official reseller in Suzhou and the same item costs 8,000 RMB ($1,305.78) before VAT. Is it normal to have a price difference of $143?

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  • ...the difference in price is down to import duties and additional tax.


  • The remaining is the TAX amount charged. It is beneficial to purchase the product from the official partner itself.