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[--Solved--] Full backups on one tape

Excuse me if I'm asking an ignorant question here, but I'm not a BE master by any means, so easy on kicking me in the head!  We are running 12.5, and are planning to move to B2D, since I understand it's better supported than 11d was.  We have around 160 GB of data under a full backup of all job definitions, but here's what I need to do.  I'd like to put ALL weekly full backups onto one physical tape, so that only one tape has to be taken offsite.  This is aside from the B2D solution we will implement, but once we are using B2D, I still want to duplicate the backup on tape, and again, use ONE tape for all backups.  We have an LTO-2 drive, so 200 GB uncompressed should do the trick, it's just how do I create the jobs so that they all end up on one tape each week, instead of filling up tapes, and rolling over to the next tape?  We have an 8 tape library, but it would make it easier to take this stuff offsite if we can just get it on one.  I'm thinking it has something to do with creating "media pools"?  I'm a little grey in this area.
  • You can create multiple jobs.  In fact Symantec recommends placing non flat file backups (AD/SQL/Exchange, etc) in a separate job from flat files.

    What you need to do is make the first job that runs an OVERWRITE job, and all subsequent jobs APPEND, all writing to the same media set.  Be sure the APP (Append Period for that media set is long enough so that the last job that you want to write to the tape starts within the APP 

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