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18 years ago

0xe000fe48 - The function is not implemented error after upgrade to 11d

Tried doing my normal daily backups last night after upgrading to v11d and 90% of my backup jobs failed with the following error...

0xe000fe48 - The function is not implemented.

on previous versions of BE you could still do backups with a previous version of the AOFO - will 11d not allow this?? I am assuming that this is the issue on my remote servers.

I have over 50 servers that will need the new AOFO agent and subsequently, a reboot. any way around this for the time being??



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  • The problem is not really related to AOFO.

    BE 11d has split the System State and Shadow Copy Components in two. So all of the jobs are looking for the Remote Agent to understand the separate components of the backup job, which BE 10d agents don't.

    So you don't actually need to do anything other than realize that until the remote agents are updated the System State and Shadow Copy Component backups will not function.

    Otherwise, yes you will need to upgrade all of the remote agents to rid yourself of the error and failure.