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2012 r2 DC SystemState access denied

we are running 2012 BE and we just upgraded our DC to 2012 r2 and now when we backup we get a failure notifacation. When look at the SystemState the only component not backed up is Active Directory the strange thing is we back up to tape and disk and the tape back up always go thru whereas the disk will fail to back up the AD component, we also have a failover DC and it has no issues either (2008 r2) Do I need to upgrade to BE 2014 for my DC's to be full backed up below is the error I get when backing up SystemState:

Backed up 24 System State components
1 item was skipped.
Processed 10,536,803,250 bytes in  17 minutes and  7 seconds.
Throughput rate: 587 MB/min

Thanks in Advance

Grey Court

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  • Yes, upgrade at least to Backup Exec 2014 or preferably to Backup Exec 15.

  • My boss will want to know details before I hand him this are there any Symantec articles covering this so I can direct him to this.

    Thanks Again

    Grey Court

  • the earliest version of Backup Exec to support Windows 2012 R2 is Backup Exec 2014
    If your environment is suitible I highly recommend upgrading to Backup Exec 15. 
    Here is a link with information, details and features of Backup Exec 15

  • If you want to do GRT restores of your AD and your DC is Server 2012 R2, your media server also needs to be on Server 2012 R2.  See the document below

  • Thanks for all the good info but I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen; I backup this same DC to tape and to disk the tape has no issue backing up the SystemState whereas the disk alway skips the Active Directory portion of the SystemState this was part of the orignal post but never was answered, any ideas?


    Grey Court

  • If you have system state backing up at all, you are getting active directory.

    I did have this same issue with BE2012 for all versions before sp4. I had to recreate the job and/or reinstall the agent on the DC multiple times a week in some cases to get the job to fire correctly. It would work for a few backups, then tank again.

    I have not had the same issue with BE 2014 and the system state. There are other issues I've had, but so far with the latest hotfix they have all been addressed.

    If you have maintenance on your BE product, at least uprade to 2014.

  • I take it you are using domain admin credentials as something like backup operator credentials is NOT enough to backup the system state of a DC

  • Only one file, Active Directory is not being backed up right now and that is only the disk backup the tape backup, using the same setting has no issue with SystemState. This brings me to my next question when we go to BE14 will it work with our remaining 2003 servers.


    Grey Court

  • I have been looking around for more info on the Symantec site but could not find the specific info my boss is requiring. This is the scenerio, BE 14 on a 2008 r2 server; will it be able to backup up both my domain controllers, one is a 2008 r2 the other a 2012 r2 also will it still back up the few remaining 2003 server we have not upgraded as of yet?? I've read in a few blogs that the BE 14 needs to be on a 2012 r2 to backup the 2012 r2 DC is this true?

  • Yes. This is true. Your media server needs to be on Server 1012 R2 to backup AD on Server 2012 R2. See this document