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10 years ago

2nd Tape drive

Hi all,

i have a problem with me backup. It takes about 26 hours for 1,2 TB. I need to do that faster.

Any ideas?

Should i buy another tape drive (i have one external LTO6 drive) and create 2 jobs for the same server? Do i then have to buy a new licence? I dont understand that whole LEO license stuff...



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  • Hi,


    THe Library Expansion Option license licenses everything after the first drive in an autoloader/tape library. Example, your library has 1 drive...this is covered by the media server license. You add 3 more drives for a total of 4, and you need 3 x LEO licenses.

    If you add a second stand-alone drive then you don't need an LEO license...only when adding more than the first drive as per above.

    A second drive MIGHT guarantee. It will allow you to split your job in 2.

    Otherwise there is backing up to disk using a B2D or even dedupe, and then streaming that off to tape.


  • Backup speed is not dependent on your tape drive alone.  There is a myriad of factors which affect backup speed.  Try tuning your BE.  See my article below

    However, if you suspect that your tape drive is the problem, it is possible to tune it.

  • Hi, what do you mean with File or Database level?


  • What your backup job includes , i mean content - 

    Just windows servers, linux servers  , Any Specific Applications like Exchange, Sql, Oracle Databases, User File shares ?