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17 years ago

Access Denied whilst restoring an Exchange mailbox email item.

Does anyone know how to resolve a restore problem from a media server to a remote Exchange 2003 server? We are trying to test the GRT feature to restore individual mailbox items and the restore job fails with access denied. The account we are using has an Exchange mailbox and is the same account used for the backup of the exchange store. We have the option checked to restore individual mailbox items. We are using a tape drive. We are using version 11d with all the latest hotfixes applied. Thanks, Mark

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  • Hi,


    I am getting this exact same error and would be very interested in a solution for this - I'm not testing, I need to restore some user mailbox data and it's frustrating because of the lack of any clues to what the real problem is. I'm using a domain/Exchange administrator account to restore the data, so I can't believe there is an authentication issue, but there it is.


    I've re-installed the agent on the Exchange server, also installed service pack 3 for BE 11d and re-ran the job with the same results.


    All I get is an error "V-79-57344-33928 - Access is denied."  Hitting the hyperlink just brings one to an array of items that are not really related to the actual problem.  


    If a moderator is monitoring this thread: PLEASE HELP, the users are getting restless!!!





  • Sorry, I forgot to add: I am getting the Deleted Items and Draft folders back though, very strange...



  • I also encounter similar situation with different error.  I am doing my routine weekly tape testing with a test mailbox.  I do full backup on that mailbox, but the "agent browser" service will stop every time I try restoring of mailbox with default setting in the restore job.  The error message in BE11d is "The job failed with the following error: The media server has lost the network connection to the remote agent.".  And this is on the same server.  There should not be any connectivity issue. 


    In addition, my other data restore jobs all run successfully on the same box.  The only option I have now in case of a real user request is directing them over to "recover deleted items" function in Outlook with 14 days retention period turned on my Exchange box.  Or to recover the whole mailbox using cleanup agent in Exchange.