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4 years ago

Access granular backup of Hyper-V VM's

I have a Server 2016 hyper-v host with 2012r2/2016 VM's.

1 of my VM's is Microsoft Exchange.

As far as I know, I have all of the granular settings set on the backup job for the host and the VM's are backed up through the host's backup job.

How do I access individual files in the backup sets of the VM's to restore individual files?


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  • From backup and restore tab, highlight the exchange VM name -> right click restore , choose the option to restore individual files and it will show the backup sets, expand the set -> select the file. Choose appropriate settings and restore.
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      That would be it. Thanks!

      Are there any know issues with restoring individual mailboxes with exchange?


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        Can check the knowledgebase. If you give more details about the issue then we can check
        Click knowledgebase
        Choose backup exec from product
        The list is sorted by trending