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18 years ago

After upgrade to 11d Exchange logs not being flushed


After having upgraded from 10d to 11d Exchange logs are no longer being flushed. The exchange settings are set to full and reset archive bit and flush coitted logs the same as they were before the upgrade. Please help as manually removing the logs is becoming extremeliy tedious.



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  • There isn't quite enough information to help other than giving some basic tips.

    What does the backup job show? Is it successful or failed?
    Is the backup a GRT enabled backup?
    Is it s continuous exchange backup?

    Check the exchange servers application logs for the time of the backup. There should be entries for the beginning of he backup, an entry for the range of log files backed up and then an entry for the deletion of the log files. See if that progression of entries is present.

    You should try a backup job using ntbackup on the Exchange server and backup-to-disk the Exchange resource, that should also truncate the logs.
  • Firstly to get over your Exchange logs growing, simply do a NON Advanced Open File Agent Option (AOFO) backup of JUST the message store, with the flush exchange logs option.

    If that doesn't work, then do a FULL backup of the ENTIRE exchange server (with flush logs option without AOFO it will complain, but you prob don't care about system files, jus in reducing your growing logs)

    I've gone from 10d, and differential using AOFO which merrily copied both the open files on the system (C:\ drive) AND flushed the logs

    to being forced to use 2 jobs, one nightly differential AOFO job which backs up everything BUT the exchange store, and another job which DOESN'T use AOFO and JUST backs up the Mailstore (with flush logs)

    Just one of the many joys that 11d has brought me.
  • Nothing changed from 10d to 11d that should have affected your backup...

    A backup of Exchange with the use of AOFO selected in the same job should have worked.

    I spoke with our Exchange liaison to engineering and here is how he responded to the question: I have seen a lot of problems with VSS backups not truncating logs in general. If the user is indeed selecting entire Storage Groups and the logs are not truncating, do they see any messages in the application event log that would indicate why? Usually, there is some reason Exchange and VSS think that they can not perform the truncation."

    It was also thought that this could be the result of a problem that has been introduced due to a patch for the OS or Exchange in the same time frame.

    So as far as BE is concerned this should work and you should look in the Event Viewer logs for evidence as to why it didn't (if it occurs again).
  • So how many people have this problem on 10d compared with 11d users?

    I'd excpect the 10d forum to have this as an issue...
  • Just did fresh install of 10d on Exchange 2003. Logs are flushing fine. Problem I have is error on attachments when trying to use the advanced option on only backing up one copy. Hope that helps.