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9 years ago

AOFO failure

We are running a job using AOFO with "Automatically select open file technology" . The job has been running fine for months, but recently some of the directories backed up by this job are failing with "directory could not be accessed" (the directories do exist).  We tested a standalone backup of one of the directories without AOFO and the backup runs successfully.  When we test with the same directory using AOFO on, the job issues a warning message from the Snapshot Provider (Veritas).  

V-79-57344-34093 - AOFO: Initialization failure on: "\\\Clinic". Advanced Open File Option used: Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows (VSFW) and FlashSnap Option.
Snapshot provider error (0xE000852D): Required module VxCMD.dll not found. Make sure that Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows (VSFW) is installed and that the system path includes the VSFW installation directory.
Check the Windows Event Viewer for details.

We are not sure why this has started happening all of a sudden and to only a few files.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Make sure that the option: Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows FlashSnap Option isn't selected. Rather change back to automatically select, or explicitly choose Microsoft VOlume Shadow Copy Service (Windows 2003 and later) and see what this does.


  • Does that path you quoted in your error mean you are backing up over shares as I do not think snapshot technologies can operate over share level access (unless you have shares selecetd but still have the agent for wndows installed anyway)

  • Thanks for your reply Craig,

    It has always been set to "automatically select open file tech". The MS Volume Shadow Copy for 03 and later did not have any different outcome

    , Please advice