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19 years ago

Appending problems with Backup2Disk


I have recently installed BE10D with all the latest patches at a customer. The set up is as follows:

Four 500gb SATA disks in RAID5
One Ultrium LTO3 tape device (400/800)

I created two B2D folders, one for the Differential jobs and one for the Full backup. Each of the devices is 600gb.

I made three media sets, Diff, Full and a Tape media set.

When I first ran the full and diff jobs, BE created two .BKF files each 600gb.

My plan were to use the diff.bkf file for all of the diff jobs, and the size of a diff job is around 60gb. And also to use the full.bkf file for the weekly backups, aprox 250gb.
So I configured BE to Append and overwrite if no appendable media is present. This works for about three nights, the BE claims that the media is NOT Appendable cause the media is full. (it has almost 300gb free) And instead of overwriting the media it creates a new .BKF file which uses up all of the available free disk space on the server.

I have the same problem with the full.bkf file, but the job duplication works almost to good to be true, it clones out 250gb to tape in only two hours, and that�s with verifying :)

But if someone could explain to me what I�ve done wrong I would be extremly happy.

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