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15 years ago

Back up exec used for backing up files on a readyNAS 1100 from Netgear

We downloaded the trial version of Backup exec 12.5 and we installed it on a windows 2000 server SP4. We backed up files located on a ReadyNas 1100 (Netgear) (not the newer generation) onto disks located on the windows server 2000. It worked fine for 60 days. We bought the licence backup exec 12.5 and installed it. But we cannot now have access to the ReadyNas and we cannot backup as a result.

We need an optional licence on top of Backup exec;
We tried RALUS (remote agent for Linux systems) to no avail and the remote agent for windows and netware sever to no avail.  

There are several additional ones; Which one do we need ? Do anyone knows this information ? It would be of great help.

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  •  Do you have licensed at least one remote agent, or did you just buy the media server license?

    I think it's more of a licensing thing at this point and not necessarily an issue with installing an agent.  BE needs to have at least one agent purchased and licensed even to backup a NAS that has no agent installed.