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13 years ago

Backing up Catalogs still completes but nothing gets backed up.....

I have been backing up my Cataologs to disk using a full job nightly.  I just noticed today that starting on november 1st the job was still completing succesfully but not actually backing up the data.  I did not get an alert because the job is not failing.  I tried to recreate the job and with a new selection list and destination and the same thing is happening. Modifying  the production job to back up another folder on the same volume as the catalogs works fine.  As soon as I point it back to the Catalogs folder it fails again.


However, when I created a share for the catalogs folder and chose that in the selection list it worked fine.  For months I have just been backing up directly from the drive letter. 

Does anyone have any instight on why this might have stopped working?


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