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11 years ago

Backing up NAS device Correctly


I am having intermittent problems backing up NAS boxes on the network. I have and LG NAS and also a newer Ready NAS from Netgear. Each has been added to the backup exec as either file servers or Linux box (tried both). When I add them the credentials test work fine but when I check the backup the next day the login has failed and then the test credentials fails too.


What is stopping the backup working here? The LG NAS has been backed up in the past ok but every so often it just does the above? The new one however is refusing to play at all?



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  • Does the BESA has full read/write access to the entire NAS? Of not, then you should add it as a local administrator with full read/write access
  • Yes it does the NAS has the domain objects added and the administrator has read write access.

  • Ok. If I restart the backup exec services and check credentials it works again?! So why does it lose the connection after a period of time?

  • Try the procedure in this document
  • All the settings were set like the document except the dynamic TCP ports were not ticked. I have ticked them in case it makes a difference.