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9 years ago

Backing up to 'All Devices' does not work

We have a Dell Tape Library that has 2 drives that can be backed up to at the same time.

And, we have a dozen jobs that run in the span of a weekend.

My quandary is the 'Job Setup' properties and the Destination for 'Device and Media', the 'Drop down' choices for 'Device' only works when I select a specific Device. I would prefer jobs to work when the option of 'All Devices' is selected.  This may be eaier explained via a pic.

I have attached 2 pics.

One pic shows the Device and Media drop down where I could choose 'All Devices' or I could choose IBM 0001, or IBM 0002, or IBM 0003 as my destination.


The problem is that if I choose IBM 0001, then that job will wait to kick off until that drive is free. I would prefer to select 'All Devices; and then the job will kick off as soon as either of the 2 drives becomes free.

Other pic, for reference purposes, shows the Main Menu of Devices Where IBM 002 is listed as the Tape Library and the slots/rives are listed as IBM 001 and IBM 003.



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  • "All devices" is a pool.  Neither of your pics show the content of the pool.  Is your robot "IBM 0002" in this pool?

    The short answer is that your backup jobs should run the same if they are set to "all devices" or your robot "ibm 0002" in that they will use either availabe tape drive.  If this doesn't work for you, then you may need to have your hardware re-discovered (disable, delete, bounce BE services) or open a support ticket.  You should not have to pick (and you should not pick, without a good reason), your tape drives "ibm 0001" or "ibm 0003"