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9 years ago

Backing up .VHD or VHDx files on BE2014

Hello, I have a Virtual Host Server1 at our main site that replicates to Virtual Host Server2 at a remote site. I would like to backup the .VHD files on the remote server so I'm not affecting the ...
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    9 years ago


    It's called Active File Exclusion and has been a feature of BE for many revisions. It basically skips files like *.edb, *.stl, *.ldf etc that are in use by an application, in favour of you using the agent to do this.

    It would do the same with the Hyper-V VM files as you are finding out. When it gets to these files, it simply skips them and never backs them up. You can disable this feature as per the TN below, but read it carefully:

    If you backup the files, there is no way to restore individual items from them, and restoring something like that would end up requiring unnecessary downtime.