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Backup 2014 Client Side Dedupe Assistance

I'm a newbie with Backup Exec 2014 and am having issues setting up a job using client side deuplication.

My setup is Backup Exec 2014 running on Server 2012 R2 with a NAS as the deduplication drive. The job I've created is for a Server 2003 machine and when client side deduplication is enabled within the job I am getting is:

Client-side deduplication is enabled for this job, but it could not be used. Please check this link for additional information:

I've looked at the the following article for help but it didn't really help:

It does say to:

"Configure the Remote Agent with Deduplication on the agent that is being backed up.

Go to the Devices tab in Backup Exec console.
2. Right click on the media server node in question and select the Add Remote Agent for Deduplication menu item.
3. Specify the Server Name for the Remote Agent that is being configured and select Ok.

Note: Backup Exec will prompt to restart the services before this configuration takes effect.

Restart the Backup Exec services on the media server and run the job again. Verify that it completes successfully with the deduplication feature working as desired"

However, I don't think these instructions match anything I'm seeing in BE 2014. Can someone tell me if these instrucitons are correct for BE 2014 and if not is there anything special I need to do with regards to the client agent for deduplication?


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  • These instructions would be for BE 2010 and not BE 2014.

    Have you checked that you have complied with the other conditions in the document?

  • Is the remote server (Win 2k3) patched up with SP2 ?

    Check the adamm.log on the BE server for any errors related to this remote server.


  • How to configure direct (or client side) access is covered in the BE 2014 Admin Guide, Appendix B in section titled "Selecting Storage Devices for Direct Access Sharing" (Pages 817 thorugh 819 in English version)