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12 years ago

Backup brand office


I am currently using BE2012 with Dell tape library at the head office. However i am facing with a problem that i have to do a separated backup system. So my question is: does BE2012 have any way to deal with this issue that i can centralize all backup in head office? Such as a proxy backup server in brand office like VEAM backup?



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  • Hi Do you mean something like a Centralized Admin Server Option CASO?  Backup Exec 2012 has a CASO option that allows for managing jobs through centralized media server take a look at the following document. About the Central Admin Server Option

  • First off how much data needs to be backed up? 

    Then what kind of data?  (e.g. file data like office files?  Or database, or vmware?)

    How large are the incrementals of the existing backups.


    Unitl those questions are answered, NO ONE can give you a solution.  With those answers, the right solution, bandwidth, and possible hardware can be recommended.

  • As well as what Teiva-Boy said:

    What is the bandwidth and reliability of the WAN link? Is it open on demand or continuously active etc.

  • Thanks all,

    The data need to be backuped is about 1TB which is mostly normal files ( work,excel, photos etc.). I estimate that the incremental on average will be around 100GB (10% of total data). Currently our WAN link is not realiable because we are using 50Mbs FTTH at both ends.

    Imosla: i just have a look at CASO and it seems to a solution for my question.

  • Two ways to approach it.

    1 - Client-side dedupe.  

    2.  Two media servers, caso, and two dedupe licenses.  

    The only advantage #2 has over #1 is that, you have a local copy of the backup on the media server you can restore from.  WIth Client-side dedupe, you would have to restore possibly an entire 1TB over the WAN, and that will take a while.


  • Thanks Teiva, can you explain me a bit more about "Client-side dedupe"? I don't it