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7 years ago

Backup Exec - eject RD cartridge after separate verify job

Hello all:

I have the following backup solution:

1) Backup Exec 16 backing up one physical server running Server 2016 Standard with one Microsoft Hyper-V Windows 10 Pro virtual machine to an internal RD drive.

I would like to know if there is a way to have the Backup Exec program auto-eject the cartridge but *only* after the separate verify job finishes.

There is an option in the backup job to eject the cartridge after the job finishes, but having run the job with this button selected, it seems to eject the cartridge during (?) the backup job (after backing up most if not all of the data with more than 1 TB free space left on the RD cartridge) leaving both the backup and verify jobs unable to complete.

I can not find any option to have the verify job eject the cartridge after it finishes.

Is there a method by which this could be accomplished?  (Even using a separate command file or third-party tool?)

Thank you very much in advance for assisting!

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  • One option would  be to schedule a 1 file backup job, scheduled near the end of your backup window (or well after the real verify job should be done), and have THAT tiny backup job have the "eject after backup completes" option checked.