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4 years ago

Backup Exec 11d Exchnage Aware Restore - Cannot Restore to non original ExchangeORG

I went in to restore the Exchange private DB to the server set up using some redirection criteria in the Backup Exec software. I deployed the remote Backup Exec agent to 03EXCH server, but it kept failing when attempting to restore to the 03EXCH server and kept asking to authenticate to an old NT400 exchnage server and the old Exchange Org that used to exist there. I tried a number of different options to redirect and ignore the old server/org, but could not get it to start a restore. It seems to me that it is poor software design on Backup Exec's part; maybe a newer version gives different options and bypassed the need for the original server and/or Exchange Org to be there?

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  • BE 11d was released over 14 years ago and it sounds like you jtryong to restore to Exchange 2003  which again is EOL by MS for over 6 year.
    Are you sure that the backup taken was of Exch 2003 and not from an older version of Exchange like 5.5?
    I am asking as you cannot restore from one version of Exchange to another Exchange version as this would be an Exchange migration, you need to restore to the same Exchange version.
    Do you need to get the whole DB back or just some mails?
    Can yuo actually see individually items within your DB or just the Db itself?