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17 years ago

Backup Exec 11d remote agent on Windows 2000 Server service will not start

I just upgraded my last server at a client to 11d.  All of the servers work fine except the Windows 2000 SP4 with all updates.  I read a post somewhere else that mentioned setting Outlook as the default mail client.  Is this really a requirement?  This server is hosting an application that does not interface with Outlook and requires Outlook Express.  Please tell me that there is some other issue and not Outlook as a default holding me up.
I made several attempts to push 11d from the media server and they always fail with 1603.  I manually installed from the client/remote server and the install completes but the agent sits in a state of "starting".
Please help.

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  • I got the similar issue. Except my system has been worked for several months without any problem, then about two weeks ago all of sudden it failed to backup stuff on the remote server. I checked everything, it was due to the remote agent could not start. It will show "starting" and stay there. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the agent, no use. Frustrating.
    Anyone has any suggestions?