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6 years ago

Backup Exec 20.2 Unable to fetch certificate

Hi everybody,

I did the upgrade from Backup Exec 16 to 20.2 and every servers are getting backed up fine except one. Everytimes I try to establish trust with my VMware ESXI server it gives me the following error:

Exception. Cannot establish trust for [SERVER_NAME] Unable to fetch certificate

I tried to readd the server - it didn't work

I tried reinstalling Backup Exec - it didn't work

If you guys have any idea what it could be it would be appreciated

thank you

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  • What i understand from here is, you have already uninstalled and reinstalled. However, let me know if you started from scratch or you are using the same old backup exec database?

    Also let us know which license you are using in your environment? It would be good if you could share the SGMON Log when you try to add the server in the console.