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8 years ago

Backup Exec 2010 13.0 R3 SP4 CPS

Hi, how to get latest 2010 R3 SP4 update for CPS?

In support center I was able to find SP4 only for Backup Exec itself.

  • That file name you are quoting is the complete BE installer including CPS and SP4 rolled up into one download. 

    When (a few years ago) the legal restrictions on software exports from the US changed, we had to stop making complete product installers just available for download (but then most customers usually kept a copy somewhere after download anyway) Service Packs not being complete software installs can be made available from a technote as they are useless without the product installer.


    As such to get the download (at least until we discontinued support at the beginning of February) you had to login to your My Veritas account and download it (and if the download was not there you had to speak to our Customer care team by ringing into the support numbers and asking for Customer Care to make the download available (after proving you are a legal product license holder)


    As such if you need the installer you will have to check your My Veritas account and if download is not available, phone in to ask for it to be made available in your My Veritas account (this account is also handled by Customer Care) , however because we have discontunued support I am not sure if the complete download is still offered.

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  • There is no separate update for CPS.

    Do note that BE 2010 is EOL and CPS has been discontinued after BE 2010, so you should upgrade to the latest BE 16 and stop using CPS

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      I understand that 2010 version is EOL but at the moment upgrade is not possible.

      In my notes there is this file

      But I can't find that file anymore, so it there was an update, but not in support center