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11 years ago

Backup Exec 2010 R3 Unable to compress data

Hi All,


I have Compressing issue in my Backup exec media server, Am using hp MSL 4048 2 Drives LTO3 Tape library, But the data which is backing up to Tape is only 378 GB I have enabled compression type (Hardware if Available otherwise software), But till no luck.

please post your suggestion As soon as possible.

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  • Hi,


    data compression depends on what you're backing up. Text files for instance compres quite well, where video files don't compress at all.

    So you need to check what sort of data you're backing up first.

    Secondly, stop the BE services, and after downloading HP Library and Tape Tools (HP LTT) from the HP site, run a compression test to see what sort of compression you can get from the drive. If nothing, then you might have an issue with the tape drive itself.

    Another test to run is to backup a bunch of text files, or create a very large text file. Run a backup of this and see what compression rates you are getting.

    Lastly make sure you have the Symantect drivers installed for the tape drive. You can use tapeinst.exe to do so.


  • You can test whether hardware compression is working by creating a directory and fill it with text files. When backed up with hardware compression, you should get a good compression ratio. Also, use software compression and check the compression ratio. You should get roughly the same ratio as with hardware compression
  • Is compression enabled in the properties (configuration tab) of the tape drive ?. In addition to the above suggestions, do consider cleaning the tape drive as well.



  • Hi VJware,


    Yes i have enabled compression in properties.Since i am backing up only text,doc,excel and some jpg files.


  • Hardware compression is automatically enabled when it is available. The user do not need to enable it. I think you got this mixed up with hardware encryption which needs to be enabled.
  • ...did you embed an image? If so, it isn't showing up correctly.


  • Jpeg files are already compressed. When you compress them again, you are likely to end up with a bigger file than what you started with. See my article below