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12 years ago

Backup Exec 2012 Backup overview

So on the main Backup and Restore page, I got all my servers with the 7 latest days and any jobs during those days and the status of those jobs highlighted by Green for succesful, Yellow for success with exceptions and Red for failed.

All good so far.

On one of my media servers, if I say have 1 failed backup job and 1 successful backup job. That day will be green, fantastic, love your work!

On my other media server, if I had 1 failed job of any kind (duplicate, backup, verify), and 1 successful jobs of each kind, that day will be red, eventhough I obviously have a set of good jobs for all different jobs.

How do I set my latter media server so that (same as on the former):

  • 1 failed backup + 1 successful backup = a green day


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  • There is no way to make the change.

    What you can do is to propose the change in the Ideas section and make a case for it.

  • But why does it work the way I want it too on one media server and not the other then?

  • To know why, you would have to start a support case with Symantec for them to take a look at your servers.