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  • Is the Oracle server added using the IP address or the FQDN ? Ideally, you should be restoring from the FQDN entry.

    Was the account's password edited on the remote server as well in the remote agent utility ?

  • I tryed using the IP address and theFQDN  as well, both cases with the same result, whe I did the restore i changed the account password just in the remote server using the FQDN.



  • Using IP address will not work so that result is expected.

    And is just the restore failing or the backup as well ?

  • Would recommend to reinstall the remote agent on the Oracle server and reconfigure it as well.

    Have a look @ these links as well:-

  • Sorry about the silly question but where can I download the UNIX client for BE2012?




    thanks for the help

  • There isn't a separate download for the RALUS agent...It's present in a folder named LinuxUnixMac at the root of the BE 2012 installer.