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11 years ago

Backup Exec 2012 SP4 Update

Hi all,

I have BEX 2012 V14.0 Rev 1798 x64 w/ SP1 and the last hotfix 205111.  When I try to run live update I continuously get and errors that prevent the downloaded decompressed content to install.  I'd like to try to install the updates manually.  I have accessed the product download site and entered my serial number, but the only things listed are the files.  This produces a full install version of BEX 2012 sp4 but I can't seem to find just the SP4 update install file (or whatever files I may need to install in sequence, eg. SP2, SP3, etc).  

BTW, LU Error: 1812 and 1806..A program that was part of this update failed with it ran.  This update was not applied -And- LU downloaded all of the updates you requested but all of them failed to install.  Please...try at a later time.  I have plenty of space on the C: drive, where the downloads would be saving to, etc.


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