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10 years ago

Backup Exec 2014 - VM Cluster Backup



i try to setup our backup for our VM.

We have 3x VM in Cluster. I can select all VM.

When I expand all Files I cant find the second HDD from one VM

und i can see a Folder F:

That VM used to have a HDD in that Folder but we have already transfer that VM in Cluster.


How checks Backup Exec the Options from Cluster?

Why is looking on an old position ?




Fehler beim Durchsuchen

Fehler beim Durchsuchen von 'VM'.

Das Verzeichnis ist nicht gültig.


QueryMetaData: MDQ_BackupResourceBrowsing_View
ResourceContainerID = '5f77d1d6-70c8-4220-ae4d-86417e74137c'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_ConnectionLogon = '10011001-1001-1001-0101-010101010101'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_QueryMode = '5'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_DeviceName = 'VRTSRV::\\XXCluster01.XXXX.local\Hyper-V?HA?VM\XXXXX'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_DsType = 'Container'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_OsId = 'NtfsId'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_SearchPath = 'F:\VM
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_ServerLogon = 'ds4949b99ca-e4b3-438b-9ff8-0245355a989f


in the XML File i can see both HDD Parameters to be right


A Live-Migartion is not possible.

Failed to access HDD F:\xxXxx.vhd


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