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5 years ago

Backup Exec 2014 reporting wrong data



I need some help configuring Backup Exec 2014 to show me a report about total backed up data in the last year. However I try to set up the report, it shows me data which practically just can't be right. I'm attaching the report, but I'm not sure if it will help somehow about solving the problem. The main idea is that I need to find how much data was proccessed (backed up, restored, verified...) by the device and the software.


Thank you!

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  • I checked the data you presented in the form of the image.

    And I didn't find any inconsistencies in the data. Maybe I missed something.

    Would you point out the wrong data in the image?

    Just highlight what you think is the wrong data.



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      Well, first of all - these can't be all the backed up data sizes, there has been hundreds of incremental backups and here I only see several. Secondly, I get data sizes on the graph which are like 51 megabytes (which even if are in terabytes can't be equal to the real quantity of backed up data). Maybe I read the reported data wrong, but it just doesn't compare to the real one in any way.