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6 years ago

Backup Exec 2016- Storage Snapshot backup

Greetings !!

I have a requirement to backup a VM server which has RDM Luns. These RDM LUN sizes are 4 TB, 6 TB, and a 5 TB. VMware flocks updated the RDM Disk cannot convert to virtual disk because of its size it is not supported.

We could not move the data via LAN because the VMware management LAN is only 2 GB, it required a larger window for full backup. We have limitation in providing 10 GB LAN.

Can we use backup-exec's off-host backup method to do snapshot of RDM Luns. we shall provide another physical server of same OS type with access to the storage server. In this case, can we achieve backup data travel over SAN.

Can Backup-Exec server integrate with 3PAR storage and perform VM LUns snapshots without using VMware snapshot method.

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  • Offhost backup method will not work for RDMs.

    Unfortunetly the only available method Backup Exec has for this situation is to treat the VM's as physical machines and perform standar remote agent backups of them.