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15 years ago

Backup Exec and StoreVault (NetApp) "S" Series devices


I was wondering if anyone has a NetApp "S" series (formerly StoreVault) device?  If so, do you use Backup Exec to backup both the NAS Shares and LUNs?  

We currently are using Backup Exec v12.0 and it will backup the data, but when I try to do a restore I get errors.  I've been in discussion with NetApp about this problem and was told that Backup Exec v12.0 is not supported on the StoreVault devices. 

I'm looking at installing Backup Exec v11d and was wondering if anyone else is using this software and if they have successfully restored a LUN from the tape using Backup Exec v11d?

Any help would be appreciated.



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  • I should also add that the tape device is attached directly to the StoreVault and I'm using NDMP to perform the backups. 
  •  This v12 not supporting it probably is due to NetApp killing off the StoreVault line?

    Sorry I dont have anything helpful to you on your original problem...
  • You are correct, but I was told when I bought the software (I bought it pretty much the same time I bought the StoreVault) that it would be compatible. 

    At the time we purchased the StoreVault there was no plans to discontinue them (at least to my knowledge or we wouldn't have purchased it).
  •  LOL, they will NEVER tell you that it is EOL or about to be.  If they did that, they would lose sales.  Sales people lie, remember that.

    That said, BE as far as I know only goes by ONTAP versions.  If the StoreVault uses something other than ONTAP, then I think there is your answer.  But ONTAP 7.x running NDMPv4 is usually what Symantec wants to use for most flavors of BE.

    While you've talked to NetApp, what has Symantec Support said to this issue?  Also not supported, go back to 11?