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18 years ago

Backup Exec Continuous Protection Services causes server blue screen

We have the CPS agent on a couple of servers (W2k and 2003), and it has caused those servers to blue screen from time to time. The server does a hard reboot, and the logs do not provide much information. This only occurs with the agent installed. Has anyone else experienced it? One of the servers is a sql server, and the other a file server.

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  • It sounds like there are a couple of possibilities.

    The server's could be running out of memory which could cause the BSOD. The best way to determine this would be to implement Performance Monitor and log memory consumption. If that turns out to be the case it could be that a Continuous backup has lost connection between the Business Server and Protection Server and the dynamic updates have exhausted memory that is mapped to journal file entries.

    Another possibility is that the server has encountered a deadlock due to the location of the journal files. The best option is to make sure that Journal Files are not on a disk where the source data is located or where the Backup Destination is located.

    You may also need to check the configuration of your AV and make sure the Journal Files location and Backup Destination are not being scanned.