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4 years ago

Backup Exec HA


Looking for a advice about HA of Backup Exec. We have SAN enviroment  includes 10 TB Deduplication Disk and Tape Library with 1 Drive. Backup Exec Servers going to be Virtual Server.

Our purpose  when Backup Exec node 1 down Backup Exec node 2 take over Jobs and Restores.

What is the most efficient way to this? Microsoft cluster?

Or if not needed that complexibiliy that much, Caso with Distriubited Catalog is enough with shared Tape and Dedup disk?

About Senario with Distirubited Catalog when Central BE Server is down could I continue backup and restore on Managed BE while trying to restore Central BE. Vice versa Managed BE is down what happens. 

Thanks for the opinons.


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