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8 years ago

Backup Exec SDR - Restore to smaller volume

Windows Server 2008 R2 single server AD environment. About 425GB of data. I want to reconfigure the drives for RAID 10 which will shrink the volume size from 2TB to 1 TB (5 drive RAID 5 currently).

I first tried backing up with windows server backup and doing a bare metal restore which didn't work because I didn't research enough before starting and learned that you can't do a BMR to a smaller drive without shrinking the partition first.

The client has BE 2012 which has the SDR capability. Can I use SDR to restore the 425GB (2 TB total volume size) to the new RAID 10 volume (1TB total volume size)?

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  • Is this volume your boot/system volume? 

    Can you please share a screenshot of disk management and backup job selections for this server?