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12 years ago

Backup horribly slow


Backup Exec 2012 Small Business ist performing horribly slow on a SBS 2011. My Exchange backup (all default settings) to disk is running with 26 megabyte per minute. The file backup to LTO-3-tape (files only, all default settings) is running with 162 megabyte per second.

Why is it so slow?

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  • Hi Monster,


    3 things to check out:

    1. Make sure that any AV on that server isn't perhaps scanning the BE services, and if so, put in an exclusion for them.

    2. Make sure any AV on that server isn't scanning the B2D and put in an exclusion for it anyway.

    3. Make sure there are no HDD failures/prefailures...this can affect backup speeds.



  • 1) You can try doing a backup to disk and see whether the speed improves.

    2) You can try tuning your tape drive.  See my article below

    Although it is written for LTO4, the principle is equally applicable for LTO3.

  • I uninstalled my antivirus (ESET Nod32) and rerun the Exchange-to-Disk. It goes with around 77 MB / min. The Hard Disk is fine.

  • Does the backup schedule conflict with the exchange maintenance ? If yes, consider rescheduling either...Do check if the exchange dBs are heavily fragmented or not...If checkpoint restart & AOFO is enabled for the Exchange backup, please disable them as well..