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6 years ago

Backup Job - Keep for period

I backup to different media over a two week period, Monday-A to Thursday-A and Monday-B to Thursday-B and have 1-4 Friday disk cartridges.

I have set my backup job to retain '2 weeks' but looking at the disc media's it's not deleting old .bkf files

Any ideas?

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      My mistake, I meant .bkf files, is that more helpful to you.

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        Can I clarify with you;

        • what type of jobs are being run each day - Full or Incr\Diff ?
        • what type of 'disk media' are you using - USB disks, RDX, etc?

        Also based on your description, is the media rotation for 4 weeks as below, with the same media used for Mon-Thu each week or are they on different disk media each day ?

        1. Mon-Thu = Disk A            Fri = Disk 1
        2. Mon-Thu = Disk B            Fri = Disk 2
        3. Mon-Thu = Disk A            Fri = Disk 3
        4. Mon-Thu = Disk B            Fri = Disk 4


  • Once you re-insert the cartridge after the sets are expired, it may take 1-4 hours to delete the old backups. Can you see if this is the case? If not, can you manually delete the sets in Backup Exec under the storage by right clicking and doing "expire"?

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      I've not seen any evidence of previous backup files being deleted after a period of time. Checking the backup sets I can expire them, but what I want to happen is auto deleting of the older than two weeks files, rather than having to manually delete the files from the disk after it's been inserted.

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        So if it us RDX you have to run a new job after the sets have expired to have them auto delete

  • RDX cartridges only erase expired vbackup sets (reclaim them) when a new data write starts - this is different from other disk types where the reclaims happen every hour that the disk is online.

    Also, please be aware that RDX cartridges (or offline disks) will set themselves to Limited to Read-Only operation if they are offline/not mounted for too long. As such you may need to either changed the settings or at least be aware to check this when such disks are brought online. However if you were experiencing something related to this you would see  both backup failures and no the expired sets not reclaiming.