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15 years ago

backup jobs and device pool are gone

Hey guys,
My scenario: Once I open Backup exec 12.5, under the JOB SETUP tap, no jobs is loaded, instead it says "loading...". However under teh Backup selection list under the same JOB SETUP tap, the jobs are loaded.
In addition, under the DEVICES tap, i usually see all my tape drives and other but instead I only see "STORAGE DEVICES" and below Device Pools. but there is nothing else showing.

I already restarted the server, all backup exec services over ServicesMgr.exe. If I restart the Backup Exec Server Service manually, a error msg "Communications are down with the Backup Exec Services. Check to see if Backup Exec Services are running on xxxxxxxx.

Well, I restarted all services via ServiceMgr.exe and see no error.

any ideas what to do guys? thanks

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  • Please check the account credentials for the services, specially device and manager service. Make sure all the BE services should have same domain account and remote agent should be on LSA
  • I'm actually using all correct accounts. I will verify again. You think thats the issue?

  • Checking the credentials and re-starting services worked for me...  jobs and devices are back..  thanks sazz!
  • I've already done all that but it still don't show any devices and jobs. If noone else got a idea, i think i will back- up the data and catalog folder and will reinstall the media server.

  • what I found out is that each backup exec service, under the tap DEPENDENCIES displays a error popup as soon as you click the Tab. It says WIN32: Access is denied.

    any ideas?

  • On the server try to kill all processes in the Task Manager and restart all the backup exec services manually.