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13 years ago

Backup Remote Office with Backup Exec


I want to Backup Remote Offices with Backup Exec to an Head Office. I tried it with CASO server, a managed Backup Exec Server on Remote Office,

I shared the deduplication folders on the CASO server an my BE on Remote Office. But I have a Problem with the initial Backup. It is about 80GB till 

100GB. To Backup these it takes a long time, too long. I want to make an initial Backup with the Backup Exec Server on the Remote Office on a Disk.

Then a i will take the disk to Head Office and backup my initial Backup there on a storage. Then i take the Disk back to the Remote Office and make

incrementals forever. How can i integrate my initial Backup at the CASO on Head Office? Do you have an idea? Can i do a Full Backup from many

inrementalls and a full - like a synthetic Backup? Does the Advanced Disk Based Backup Option help me?

Thanks for Help


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  • Hi Gearup

    We had a similar challenge and this is what we ended up doing, its not the way you went but maybe it can give you some ideas:  We have DMZ site with a media server/dedup pool and multiple remote sites that needed to be backed up over slow links.  We ended up using DFS replication to replicate the data to the DMZ site, which then gets backed up.  The initial data copy we did with USB drives, then DFS picked up that the files are already in the DMZ site, and from there on only replciated the changed data.



    Hope it helps.