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14 years ago

Backup to tape in sequential tape order

Our nightly backup was running filling the tapes sequentially starting with slot 1 and ending with slot 8.  The tape drive broke and was replaced by the exact same type of drive.  .  Prior to replaci...
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    14 years ago

    It is quite difficult to get BE to use the tapes in sequence in a tape library.  Any small error in any job will throw the sequence off.  Suppose you have 10 tapes and the error occurred at the 5th tape, the next job will then pick the 6th tape because it it the oldest.  Even if you put all the tapes in the scratch media set, BE will still use the 6th tape because it has the oldest allocate date.

    Read my article below for an explanation on why it is better to let BE manage the tapes on your behalf.