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15 years ago

BackupExec 12.5: automate initialize on robotic library


After changing the tapes in the robotic library i manually perform an initialize from the robotic library so old tape information is updated. I want to schedule this initialization from the library, but initialize has no schedule option. Is there an other method to accomplish this?

I already tried using inventory, but inventory does not put the new tapes in the scratch media set.

Any help will be appreciated.


  • Neither inventory nor initialize can put the tapes in the scratch media.
    Scratch media can only be:

    1>Any brand new media goes to scratch media
    2>when you erase a tape it goes to scratch media
    3>you can manually move media to scratch media
    4>When you label it goes to scratch media
    So you have to performa any of the above steps to make the media as SCRATCH

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