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13 years ago

BackupExec 2012 virtual stacker problem

We have a D2D device with virtual tape drives and virtual stackers from Cybernetics.  (


Since upgrading to 2012, the backup jobs use the tapes in the stacker in a random order. 


We need a way to be able to know and control the sequence of virtual tapes used in the stacker, or we can not offload to physical tape in the correct order.


We called Symantec tech support and they said our only option was to put in an enhancement request for the feature.


Does anybody have any other suggestions? 


We are about to start looking for another backup vendor.



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  • Are you saying that BE 2012 is working different with this device than BE 2010?  In both versions, BE has it's rules over what media get used when (overwrite, append, etc) and I don't think that has changed significantly between versions.  Can you elaborate on what you see is different?

    I assume this device is unsupported by BE?

  • In 2010, if we ran a delete job on the tapes, the subsequent backup would use the tapes in order from slots 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Now in 2012, even if we erase the tapes (which now is no longer able to be set up as a job), the tapes pull in random order. Usually 1, 2, 5, 6, etc.
  • I assume you meant a BE 2010 erase job as I don't know what a delete job is.

    In BE 2012, you still erase tapes with a job, but I see that you cannot schedule an erase job, it must run immediately.  IMHO, scheduling an erase job is very risky anyway, because if the media in the slot changed for any reason, you could destroy valuable tapes.

    I have never seen my erase jobs or my backup jobs use media consecutively, so that device is different, or you may have been lucky.