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13 years ago

BackupExec jobs running slow

I am having a problem with backups that since 2 weeks ago are now running really slow. I was getting speeds of 3,000.00 MB/min, but now this figure is around 500.00 MB/min. Nothing has changed on the BackupExec server, and nothing has changed within the BE configuration. The versions I am running are as follows:

BackupExec = 2010 R2
Media Server version = 13.0 Rev. 4164 (64 Bit)
OS = Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64 Bit

I don't know if the issue is device driver related? All tape devices are using Microsoft device drivers - not sure if these need to be using Symantec ones instead, but the OS is Windows 2008?

My BE knowledge is limited, as I am a Netbackup admin, but obviously I know the concepts just not what to look for.

Any help would be appreciated.




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  • Hi,


    BE 2010 R3 has fixed a number of things on the other 2 versions, and when you get a chance I'd recommend upgrading to that.

    You can check the following:

    1. Any MS patches that were installed - this can cause some issues (the forum is rife with that!). If there were, consider uninstalling them and then reapplying them 1 by 1.

    2. Any potential hardware failures, specifically HDD...drives that have failed, or are in prefailure, can cause slow backups (I've had that once before on a ProLiant DL380 G4 with a HDD in prefailure).

    3. Restart your backup environment (tape drive + server).

    4. Patch BE with the latest updates and Symantec DDI drivers, and make sure the tape drive is on the latest firmware.

    5. That any AN on that server isn't perhaps scanning the BE services - if so, put in an exclusion for this.


  • Hello,

    I have exactly the same problem with my BE 2010 installation. I also tried to upgrade to BE 2012 but it didn't solve anything. The Problems appeared first at the 9th of May so this would also match.

    You can read the details here(but no solution yet):

  • upgrade will hardly ever fix a speed issue...that's something else entirely, especially if it wasn't a continuous issue, and something new.

  • The upgrade wasn't intended to solve the problem but it was scheduled for installation before the speed problems appeared so I thought it couldn't hurt to mention it.

  • Hi thanks for the replies, the issue still isn't fixed and I opened a call with Symantec a few weeks back. An engineer is currently looking at the problem and analysing logs. This post can be closed.




  • ...keep it open rather Colin and close off when you have a resolution to the issue!

  • I suspect there is a bottleneck somewhere within one of the resources the backup is pulling data from.  As a troubleshooting it possible to break the backup in to multiple backups?  This could help isolate a slow retrieval of data from a local area within your server and/or network.




  • As I mentioned before I had a very similiar behaivier in my enviroment. The solution was to plug the Server into another Port of the Switch. Could also help to just restart the Switch(es) between the agents and the backupserver.