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6 years ago

Bandwidth Throttling

I have an issue with Backup Exec 20.4.1188.2217 on server 2019. I want to backup from my PCs In my company. There are number of PCs in side of LAN and a few in side of WAN. I want to get backup from they are in LAN with BW=2048 Kb/s and they are in WAN with BW=1024 Kb/s.
I set bandwidth in pd.conf file to 1024 Kb/s but when check network in task manager, bandwidth for this service is up to 10 MB/s.
Can u guide me for limit bandwidth in my scenario??

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  • frnk 

    Best to work with your network admins to limit bandwidth at switch level.

    I have searched all BE documentation for BANDWIDTH_LIMIT in pd.conf on remote agent, but this option does not seem to be available in BE (I see the entry in pd.conf on my laptop with NetBackup agent installed).